/mun / (say moohn)

1. (often upper case) the body which revolves around the earth monthly at a mean distance of 384 403 km, accompanying the earth in its annual revolution about the sun. It is 3476 km in diameter, and its mass is 0.0123 that of the earth.
2. this heavenly body during a particular lunar month, or during a certain period of time, or at a certain point of time, regarded as a distinct object or entity.
a. new moon, the moon when in conjunction with the sun and hence invisible, or the phase so represented, or the moon soon afterwards when visible as a slender crescent.
b. half-moon, the moon when half its disc is illuminated, occurring when at either quadrature, or quarter.
c. full moon, the moon when the whole of its disc is illuminated, occurring when in opposition to the sun, or the phase so represented.
d. old moon, the waning moon.
e. waxing moon, the moon at any time before it is full, so called because its illuminated area is increasing.
f. waning moon, the moon at any time after it has been full, so called because its illuminated area is decreasing.
3. a lunar month, or, in general, a month.
4. any planetary satellite.
5. something shaped like an orb or a crescent.
verb (i)
6. Colloquial to expose one's buttocks, especially as a gesture of derision or defiance.
verb (t)
7. Obsolete to hunt (possums) by moonlight.
8. Colloquial to expose one's buttocks to (someone), especially as a gesture of derision or defiance: they mooned the passengers as the bus passed.
9. moon about, Colloquial to wander about or gaze idly, dreamily, or listlessly.
10. moon over, Colloquial to be lost in wistful thinking about.
11. once in a blue moon, seldom; very rarely. See blue moon.
12. over the moon, Colloquial highly delighted.
{Middle English mone, Old English mōna, related to Greek mēnē moon, mēn month, related to Latin mensis month}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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